Heads Will Roll

Created by Lay Waste Games LLC

Roll out chunky metal skulls and flick your way to victory in this pocket dexterity game made by dragons.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New Year Update
18 days ago – Fri, Dec 31, 2021 at 09:09:24 PM

Hey Backers!

We know many of you are anxious to get these games in your hands, and we're just as anxious to get them to you! We've finalized assets over the holidays, and now just play the waiting game with LongPack as we patiently wait for our samples to approve for mass production. Ideally, this will give us a late spring fulfillment date. Your requests for more updates have been heard, and we will begin to post updates at the beginning on every month (starting in Feb), even if it's just to say "we have no new news - and that's what we call good news!"

Spring will be here sooner than we know, which means that we will be closing the Heads Will Roll pledge manager, and charging cards for add-ons and shipping. Please double check that your shipping address and payment methods are up to date in BackerKit. If you are having trouble locating your order, or updating your address please shoot us a DM or email at Hello@LayWasteGames.com so we can better assist you. We currently plan to close the BackerKit page in the beginning of February. 

Happy New Year!


November Production Update
3 months ago – Tue, Nov 02, 2021 at 06:51:55 AM

Hey HWR Backers!

After a few professional and personal hiccups, and some back and forth with our manufacturer, we are finalizing the assets for Heads Will Roll and are beginning to move forward with the sample process. As stated in our last update, the sample production process takes about 6-8 weeks and mass production takes about 4-6 weeks, which pushes our fulfillment process into early 2022. 

Of course, we would like to apologize for yet another push in the timeline, but we would also like to take this time to better explain to our supporters the cause of some of these delays. COVID, Brexit, internal employment changes and dramatically increased shipping costs from Chinese manufacturers have all thrown monkey wrenches in our timeline. We are a group of only 4 creatives with full time day jobs & families, with Lay Waste Games as our passion project. Unfortunately personal issues that we do not make public with 1 person can directly affect 25% of our staff & operations and the remaining 75% indirectly, causing further delays. Please rest assured that we are dedicating all the time and energy we can into bringing this project to fruition.

We previously mentioned that we were planning to ship HWR with Might and Magma, and that is still the case. MaM & HWR will ship from the manufacturer to our fulfillment centers together, where our fulfillment centers will combine orders and ship to our backers together. If you are a backer of both campaigns, please make sure that the addresses in your BackerKit pages are the same to ensure ease of delivery.

As always, thank you for your continued patience. We can't wait to get these games into your hands!


September Production Update
5 months ago – Mon, Aug 30, 2021 at 06:52:12 PM

Hey Head Rollers & Skull Flickers,

We are currently submitting final assets for review and production. Once these are approved we can begin the sample manufacturing. This process usually take 6-8 weeks. Once the samples are approved, we can begin mass production, which typically takes 4-6 weeks. This means we should hopefully be able to wrap things up around the holiday season.

As some of you may know already, freight shipping prices from China have severely increased over the last handful of months. We were hoping to see some positive changes by the time we were ready to begin shipping to fulfillment centers, but at this point in time we see no indicator of the prices dropping. As a small and independent publisher, we work with very thin financial margins and have been brainstorming on ways to get these shipping costs back to a more reasonable rate without any extra expense to our backers. We are in a unique position where we have Heads Will Roll who's fulfillment schedule is right on the heels of our Might and Magma schedule. Our current plan is to wait until LongPack has completed production on Heads Will Roll and to ship the two games to our fulfillment centers together. This plan should not delay the Heads Will Roll timeline. For backers who backed both Might and Magma as well as Heads Will Roll, we are also currently planning on shipping these two orders together to alleviate the cost and burden of shipping multiple orders to the same address.

That being said, we ask that you please double check your BackerKit information to ensure your shipping addresses are up to date. Addresses that are not up to date at the time of shipment are subject to paying additional shipping fees for reshipment.

We will let you know if there are any changes to this plan.

Let's Roll!


July 2021 Update
7 months ago – Fri, Jul 02, 2021 at 08:20:15 PM

Hey Heads Will Roll Backers,

We apologize for the belated update. 

At this point in time we don't have much news to update on. We are currently in the midst of finalizing assets to send over to Long Pack for samples, and are still anticipating a fall 2021 delivery date. As soon as we've got samples from them, we will of course take some pics and share the excitement with backers.

We are aware that there have been issues with freight shipping from China, and it's something we are looking further into. If we find that this is something that affects our campaign timeline, we will let backers know ASAP.

In other news, as more people are getting vaccinated we are happy to see that conventions are slowly beginning to reopen. Lay Waste Games is currently looking into attending PAXU 2021 in December! More details to come on this soon.



Pledge Manager Update
9 months ago – Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 11:33:33 PM

Hey HWR Backers!

First off, thank you so much for another successful campaign! We are always pumped to see the continuous support from our backers.

We are glad to say that we will have our pledge manager, BackerKit, up and running this week. In the pledge manager you will be able to adjust your pledge, add other fun goodies and games to your order as well as fill out your shipping information. Please be on the look out for an email from BackerKit with your survey and pledge manager invitation. 

RETAILERS : Retailer options will be available through BackerKit for Heads Will Roll, as well as other Lay Waste Games. Please email us at hello@laywastegames.com or send us a KS DM so we can better assist you with your retailer pledge. 

Let's Roll! -